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joining, . .

Hobbies: Painting, writtig, drawing, dancing, sleeping, . :)

What You're Labelled As (just for curiosity's sake): I have been called, Goth, Punk. "crazay punk", but personaly i would call myself a non- conformist

Your Favorites.
Favorite Bands: Bright eyes, the killers, covenant, T.A.T.U, incubus, MSI
Favorite Movies: Fern gully, gremlins 1 and 2,
Favorite Book: keeping you a secret

Your Views On:
Abortion: Im pro abortion, accidents happen. why punish people because they did something stupid. everyone desverved a second chance
. Plus theres always rape to think about.
Politics: I dont pay attention to politics right now, but im sure if i did id still want nader voted into office, . .
Labels: labels are for food cans sweetie. :)

Why do you think that you repel boys?- Im ugly, im 6' tall, when boys acctually liek me they like me alot,
and then the unavoidable truth i get a reputation as a heart breaker, witch is bullshit.

Show us a picture (or two, or three, you get it) of you. <3 ((Optional.))

>img src="" width="640" height="480">
-me and my cute new haircut, . . okay not so cute but i like it, .

>img src="" width="640" height="480">
-im on the left, the one on the right is my hott freind Catherine :)

>img src="" width="640" height="480">

-umm yea i looked in FAQ and i still dont knwo what that lj cuts is, so here if you want to see the pictures then just reverse the symbol in the html, . thanx

Last words, babycakes?
umm, . . Bannanas?
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